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Woman getting ultrasound


We will provide patient centered care that is high quality and that meets today’s standards of care. We will provide care during your pregnancy that involves you and incorporates shared decision making in your treatment course. We will provide care for you during your entire -reproductive life (menarche to menopause). We will provide care for you during the post menopause as well with hormonal replacement.


Kellie Gwaltney is a certified nurse-midwife with over eight years of experience providing care to women and their families during their pregnancies, labor and births, and postpartum time. She graduated with her nurse-midwifery degree from Frontier Nursing University in 2014. She is originally from Wyoming but moved to Southern California after completing her nurse-midwifery training in California. Kellie has been a resident of the High Desert since 2019.

“The title ‘midwife’ actually means ‘with woman’ and I am so grateful and honored that I am given the opportunity to serve women and their families with meaningful care and support during such a beautiful and important moment in their lives.”
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